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I haven't been to the dentist's in years and I'm scared?

I haven't been to the dentist in several(15) years, because I had a large family of 8 siblings and my parents simply couldn't afford it.

Now that I'm done University and have a good job with dental coverage, I want to go to the dentist.

However, I am absolutely TERRIFIED!!

Please do not judge me, I only want some serious advice, especially from people who were in my situation.

Thank you.

I haven't been to the dentist's in years and I'm scared?
Do it. Take advantage of you dental coverage %26amp; GO for it. The fact that you haven't had any major dental problems in the past 15 years- suggests that maybe you teeth aren't as in bad shape as you fear. Moreover, dentistry has improved markedly over the past decade- so it's not going to be that bad ANYWAY. Oh, %26amp; when you go; go to a LADY dentist (I find their narrower fingers are easier on the mouth), %26amp; tell her you're a "white knuckle" patient. She'll smile, reassure you, %26amp; tell you that you've "Come to the right place..." Good luck! :)
Reply:Still in your situation. I have horrible teeth and the last thing i want to hear is the doctor say that i didn't take care of them
Reply:Been there and done that. It was 15 years before I went to a dentist after getting out of LPN school. Just go and don't be afraid to tell the dentist how long it has been and why it has been that long. They will take that in to consideration and may split your cleaning and care into two separate sessions so it isn't so rough on you. See the dentist and get started. Just an FYI but dental care is much less painful and scary than it was years ago.
Reply:I was definitely in a situation like that. I just decided to make the appointment, though. It was a lot easier after that first step of just making the appointment. The dentist isn't that scary, really. Nothing to be afraid of.
Reply:I would make sure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth every day before you go. Flossing is the most important. Just hope that you don't have a lot of cavities. If you don't have pain now, you are probably ok. I have always had bad experiences with dentists and pain so I stayed away. That is the worst thing to do. Just go and start taking care of your teeth. They are the only real ones you will ever have. Be strong!
Reply:At this point your going to have to bite the bullit and go in and take care of what needs to be done, dont let it go any further. Then after its taken care of go every 6 months for your cleanings.
Reply:Hello i'm want to smile

Please go see a dentist, I didn't go for like 30yrs and i was scared,I now need dentures, but everything today is so better than before, just go and do it it's not that bad

Good Luck %26amp; Don't be scared
Reply:i don't judge you i have an adult son whom is scared of dentist. but it is a must may i suggest you seek a pediatric dentist, some take young adults and there is dentist that specialize in people who have a fear ,when you do get a dentist before he/she starts ask for a consolation 1st and explain your fears to them it's more common then you would think and in talking with them 1st they will be better able to serve you and your needs/
Reply:Being a predental student, it seems like whenever someone finds out, they start telling me all their dental woes. You'd be surprised how many people don't go to the dentist for years at a time. Especially at a time when you're lucky to have health insurance let alone dental.

I figured I'd give you a couple pointers to go along with everyone else's suggestions. If you're nervous about the dentist him/herself (the hygenist generally does the cleaning though) look for an office that is "nervous patient" friendly. My dad, for instance, goes to one with a "We cater to cowards" sign on the door. He couldn't be happier with them. Start asking around to see if other people have any recommendations.

Also, if you have cavities that need filled, look into laser dentistry. I've personally experienced it and it's fantastic. I didn't need sedated at all and the only thing I really felt was a cold sensation. For those of you that are scared to death of the drill, lasers are a life saver (for bigger cavities, a drill is used a little but not for the entire procedure).

When the hygenist or dentist asks how long it's been since your last visit, tell them that due to your financial situation you were unabe to afford dental work. Generally, the more positively you approach your trip to the dentist, the more positive they'll be towards you. I should know - the girls at the office I go to think it's funny that I'm so excited to get my teeth cleaned and my dentist couldn't be any more proud. I'm such a dental nerd.

Good luck!
Reply:I had really bad teeth also, couldn't afford to go. But I knew I had to sooner or later, and I figured the sooner I get it done, the less I would have to worry about it. I've been much happier since I've gone and taken care of my mouth problems.
Reply:i've been there! i was 18 years old the first time i had my teeth cleaned. as a child, my mom never had dental coverage, and the only time i went to the dentist was to have baby teeth pulled when i was 12. so, at 18 i thought my teeth were in horrible shape, and that i would need tons of fillings, braces, you name it. after my first visit, all i needed was a good cleaning, and one filling (had a small cavity). my gums were in good shape, and they couldnt believe i had never had my teeth cleaned before. a dental visit is like a regular doctors visit. they just want to see whats going on inside your mouth. they are there to help you feel good about your smile, and want you to be happy with your teeth. they will tell you what to do and what not to do, but its only because they want you to have a healthy smile! they are there to give you healthy teeth, not to tell you how horrible your teeth are. if you are worried about what they will say about you, just explain to them that you have never had dental coverage, and no money to pay for dental visits. all dentists understand this. at your first visit, they may do a cleaning, which is not at all painful. it can almost be relaxing. some dental offices even have headpones you can listen to, or tv's in the rooms. they want your visit to be as pleasant as possible, because they know alot of people are scared of the dentist. i hope your first visit goes well! actually, i know your first visit will go well! take care! dont be afraid!

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