Monday, May 17, 2010

Scared of the injection for getting tooth pulled?

Hi, I'm going to be getting a tooth removed, and I'm a huge needle phobic. I have heard they can give you laughing gas, however, the dentists my insurance covers, they are not approved to use laughing gas. I don't know what to do. I don't want to aviod this because I need it. But I can't get past my fear of needles, its been passed down from my family. Taking deep breathes, looking away, doesn't help for me. Please don't tell me to man up because its alot harder than you think. Any help? :(

Scared of the injection for getting tooth pulled?
Talk about it with your dentist maybe they can give you some Valium or other tranquilizers before hand. Needles are finer and sharper then ever so there's less pain and nowadays they always numb your gums first. Hardly hurts at all.

Al Capone was perhaps one of the toughest wiliest mobsters there was but he too had a pathological fear of needles. Nobody ever called him a sissy. ;)
Reply:It is really tough, but I think if you need the tooth out, you have to figure out a way. My dentist uses a numbing solution on the gum first, like Ambisol (and it tastes bad, too) and I keep my eyes closed. I hate tooth pain from getting cavities filled more than I hate needles, so I go through with the injection. Nothing hurts worst than tooth pain, IMO.

Is there any chance your dentist could give you a prescription for a valium tablet before you go?
Reply:I'm scared of needles as well. But honestly, it doesn't even hurt that much. It's just like getting a pinch and it's over within a second. Just close your eyes and grip on to something really right when they inject the needle in your mouth.

It works for me all the time!
Reply:I know what you mean, but now a days dentists don't usually just stick a needle in your gums just like that. They put a numbing gel on your gums at the injection site for a few minutes first. Then when you're all nice and numb they'll inject you. Don't be too nervous if they do it right you won't feel any pain, just a little pressure when they do it.

Good Luck!
Reply:I've had 4 teeth removed and each time they put a little cotton swab with a bit of numbing gel on it so i couldn't feel the needle, it works really well and you can only feel the needle going in but it doesn't hurt. When you get to the dentist tell them your concerns and about your phobia and they may have some techniques. I'd be more worried about the pain afterwards, it really really hurts, i'd be prepared with a pain killer lol

Good luck.
Reply:hey, welcome to the the same
Reply:Hey he is injecting anesthetic, if he goes slow you only feel the tiny prick as it gets under the skin. much easier than a shot in the arm or the rear. He will put topical on to numb the gum before he injects. I have given 1000s %26amp; had several no sweat!1 I use nitrous on my scared patients. Dr H walker

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