Monday, November 16, 2009

How Long Can A Temporary Cap for your Tooth Last?

About 3 months ago I had to have a root canal. I had than done and my dentist put the temporary cap on but I have not been back to get the permanent one. I have had illness and family problems and once the Dentist had to cancel on me. How long will a temporary cap last. I am afraid I will lost it before I can get an appointment to have the real cap put on.

Will the temporary cause any damage to the root canal?

Would appreicate any information as to what I can expect. I hope to get back by the end of March.

How Long Can A Temporary Cap for your Tooth Last?
I think it should have been done as quickly as possible. There are many risk involved the longer you wait. I have never heard of one lasting for years but I would not try it. I think you should make an appointment and have it done as soon as possible.

I regret that you have had to wait because of illness but if you can work it in your schedule. It really is essential to let the dentist complete the work he has started. I have have heard that your gum can shrink and the original cap that the dentist had made while the temporary was on, may not fit as well.

Hope you get it done soon so you will not be faced with what another one of thees answers were about having to put in a false tooth.
Reply:5 years
Reply:anywhere between 3-5 years.. Dependin on your diet.
Reply:Go get your cap put on! Your tooth underneath can get infected. Food and stuff can get inside of it. I made the mistake of not getting my permanent cap (which is sealed)and now I need to get my tooth pulled and an implant put in-$$$$$$$$$$$$!
Reply:Hard to tell, if it was put it well and you don't do anything to pull it out it will stay there a long time. They say not to floss it because it might come off, but if you are planning on having it for a long time, just floss it but don't bring the floss up. Take it down till it hits the gum and pull it out from the side.
Reply:Im a dental nurse, hun you should get it replaced with a permanent fill asap. These other people on here are sayin 3-5years, well hun thats how long the fill lasts, but that doesnt mean it wont come out tomorrow. you just dont wanna risk reinfecting the RCT, or cracking the ALREADY fragile tooth. You need to get a permanent composite or amalgam fill, or even better a crown. dont risk it, iv seen some nasty cases that could have easily been avoided. :(

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