Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can't afford a dentist, but my teeth are getting worse (possible periodontitis)?

I believe I have periodontitis, after reading material that a family member got from their dentist when they discovered they had it. The four most prominent teeth on my bottom jaw are affected the most, though I think it's starting in some other teeth.. Some teeth have even lost bone mass and gum tissue, and become crooked. I have a tinny taste in my mouth often.

I think this would've been caused by heavy smoking and an eating disorder. I stopped both habits 4 years ago but it's progressed on from then. I also cut down on sugar in my diet. I brush, floss and mouthwash at least twice a day quite thoroughly to try to manage it, but it's no longer working.

We live in Australia. My boyfriend has worse dental problems, but can't see anyone until it becomes excrutiating and the hospital gets him free help. For my problem, there is no pain - I'd probably lose teeth before they can help.

Any advice would be great, especially if you've had periodontitis or are a hygienist.

Can't afford a dentist, but my teeth are getting worse (possible periodontitis)?
You should be able to get treatment for next to nothing at a dental college or university near you. Go online and do a search. You will probably have to apply for an appointment and it may take some time but it's better than nothing.
Reply:if u cant afford a dentist, how did u afford this computer?
Reply:The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes.
Reply:Contact your Universities. Dental schools %26amp; Universities that have dental departments need people who will serve as patients for their students. That would be a great place for you to check. The need people with REAL problems. This may sound weird, but the healthy people aren't exactly what they need or are looking for. Good Luck
Reply:Like the other posters - try the dental schools. You might add peroxide to rinse your mouth - long term use can cause changes in the skin texture but it will help with bacteria. Salt water rince is also good. Also you and your boy friend are probably sharing the problem bacteria. You both need to get this under control.

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